This is a narrative with names and dates of the Preston migration from England to Dodge City, Kansas in the mid 1800s.

We are collecting new information and finding new family connections ! 
If you have any connections to add, please leave a comment with your contact information.

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Anonymous said...

Hello- Stephen, I am William R. Preston and have been searching for some of this information about William Hobbs (Henry) Preston, My great grandfather. So glad to see this information. I have a certificate about his judge appointment that says Henry as his middle name. I am most interested in your information. and would like to talk with yousometime. We live in Topeka, KS. 785 232 4994.
Charles Edward was my father, mother, Leta. email address: nodapreston@sbcglobal.net. Would like to hear from you. Bill

Anonymous said...


My name is Terry Adams and my parents now live in the house at 1209 2nd AVE. Just for the record the picture you have is of 1209 Central and not 1209 2nd. If you like I'd be happy to email you the actual picture.

I loved your blog. I have been researching Dodge City history for some time now, and for obvious reasons, have special interest in the history of the house.

My relation, William Terrel Adams, moved here in 1885.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Muffit's half sister, Hazel June Bushnell, b. July 26, 1936, d. Oct. 11, 2010, buried: North Cemetery, Lansing, MI.